Türksat 4A 42° East

Yazı Boyutu



Mitsubishi Electric Corporation



Stabilization Type

3 Axial Control

Date of Service Commencement

2013 last quarter

Wing Clearance

25.27 m

Location of Orbit

42° Eastern Longitude

Payload General Characteristics

Ku Band BSS Coverage Areas
Turkey, West (Turkey, North Africa, Europe) and East (Turkey, Middle East, Asia)
Ku Band FSS/Ka Band Coverage Areas
Africa/Turkey and Europe
No of Transponders
Total Band Width
1750 MHz

Platform Technical Specs

Nominal Launching Weight
4910 Kg.
Maximum Power To Be Consumed
7670 Watt

The contract for supply of the satellites, TURKSAT-4A and TURKSAT-4B was signed with Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO) on March 2011.

TURKSAT 4A communication satellite has a bandwidth of 1750 MHz and operates on 42° Eastern Longitude. The satellite with launching weight 4910 kg includes Turkey, North Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia in its coverage area on Ku Band BSS; Africa on Ku Band FSS; Turkey and Germany on Ka Band.