Istanbul Technical University Rover Team will participate in the “University Rover Challenge” with Türksat’s Support

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The Istanbul Technical University Rover Team, who designed and produced explorer robots for observing and researching the surface of Mars, was the first Turkish team to be accepted to the finals in the University Rover Challenge competition.

The ITU Rover team will participate in the competition with the Türksat’s support. The competition is planned to be held in state of Utah (USA) between 1-3 June.

The contest aims to contribute to Mars research and build awareness by realizing the design and production of next generation Mars Rovers. University teams from many countries including America, Canada and Poland participate in the competition every year. The race which will be held in June, will include 14 teams from the United States, 6 from Bangladesh, 5 from Canada, 5 from Poland, 4 from India, 1 from Egypt and 1 from Turkey. Members who earn awards in the competition are given cash prizes and are entitled to attend the annual Mars Society congress.

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Monday, April 10, 2017