Türksat Attends the E-gameshow Fair with its Planetarium

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Organized by Atis Fair, E-gameshow Fair took place between the dates of June 2-5 at the ATO Congresium Center, where Türksat actively took part with its planetarium show.

During the E-gameshow fair, major companies and game developers from Turkey and around the world came together with game lovers in regards to game software and hardware. The E-Gameshow doors opened to visitors with the slogan “The secret of life is hidden in games” where according to the visitors’ age, various tournaments, competitions, activities were organized and programs with rich content were realized for game lovers.

Throughout the fair TürksatPlanetarium, which was one of the activities that was shown the most interest in, game enthusiasts ranging of different ages were given basic information about space with the help of films, where the aim was to create awareness about space and make them take a liking to space.

Etkinlik Yeri: 
Ankara / ATO Congresium
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Thursday, June 2, 2016 to Sunday, June 5, 2016