Türksat attends Eastern Anatolia 1st Informatics Meeting

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Eastern Anatolia 1st Informatics Meeting was held in Elazığ, which aimed to bring together the leading companies of the IT sector, public institutions, academicians and investors.

The event, which was organized under the main theme of “Future Technologies and Business Solutions” along with the “Informatics Everywhere”  slogan in mind, was attended by Türksat Assistant General Manager, Dr. Halil Yeşilçimen and Director of Geographic Information Technologies, Serdar Küpçü.

The event, which was organized in cooperation with Firat University and Fırat Teknokent, is planned to be held every year in another city in order to create cooperation, investment and partnership, which in return will create added value to the IT sector of Turkey.

Yeşilçimen: “We want to evaluate the potential of the region”

Speaking at the opening of the program Türksat Assistant General Manager Dr. Halil Yeşilçimen, explained the work Türksat has carried in the IT field. Dr. Yeşilçimen said that they participated in the event in order to search for the answer to “How can we utilize the potential created in the region?”

He continued by saying that to this day they have put forth important projects due to their work and effort. He said:

“We have the Türksat Data Campus project. We are planning to implement the experiences we have achieved so far. It is very important for us from this retrospective: Data center operators take part in the development of technology and develop new technologies according to their needs. In terms of Turkey, the data center issue is very important. In order for these technologies to be produced in Turkey, these data centers must be located in the country. Growing data in the coming days will be stored in these data centers. Therefore, we need to work on it well.”

Dr. Yeşilçimen added that the new economic stimulus package prepared to stimulate the economy in the East and Southeast is an opportunity to invest in the IT sector.

At the event representatives of the information technology sector made presentations to the authorities of public institutions and private companies. Participants were informed about the software and products developed by the corporations and companies at the stands, which were set up in the event area.

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Thursday, March 9, 2017 to Friday, March 10, 2017