Türksat CEO attends conference regarding “National Satellites and Space”

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Türksat CEO Cenk Şen stated that as an international satellite operator, they wish to be a company that develops and invests in human resources regarding satellite technologies.

Şen participated in the “National Satellites and Space” themed discussion as part of the “Haccettepe ICT Gathering” organized at Haccettepe Technopolis.

Şen stated that Türksat’s main area of operation are satellite, cable TV and IT services. He said:

“In a short period of time we don’t solely wish to be recognized as one of Turkey’s global brand, but rather a satellite operator that carries out business on an international level, as well as a company that develops and invests in a qualified human work force, where satellite technologies can be applied to domestic fields of operations.”

Şen explained that the e-Government Portal is an example of the IT services offered. He added that of the 29 million 600 thousand individuals that have obtained a e-Government Portal password, 15 million of these individuals are active users, and that over 500 different services are offered through the e-Government Portal. Şen emphasized that of current 23 provinces have cable TV infrastructure and that Türksat has the capacity to broadcast to 3.5 million homes.

Şen explained that satellite services are offered as television broadcast, data communication and uplink services. He continued by saying that Turkey began its trip to space with the Türksat 1A, Türksat 1B and Türksat 1C satellites.

Şen noted that as of current Turkey has four communication satellites in space, of these Türksat 2A is the oldest and although it has completed its life cycle last year it will continue to be used until 2019. 

Şen stated that operations regarding the new satellites were well on their way. Procedures for the new satellite projects like, Türksat 5A satellite which is set to operate in the 31⁰ East orbital location and Türksat 5B which is set to provide backup support and increase current capacity in the 42⁰ East orbital location, have begun.

Şen stated that they plan to start the manufacturing process for Türksat 5A and Türksat 5B this year. Türksat 5A is planned to be sent to space in the second half of 2018 and Türksat 5B in the first half of 2019.

Türksat 6A will be sent to space in 2020.

Şen provided information on Turkey’s first domestic satellite, Türksat 6A. He added that the critical design stage for the domestic satellite is still ongoing, and upon its completion in the year 2019 it is planned to be sent into space in the year 2020.

Şen pointed out the total budget reserved for the project was 546 million TRY and added “In this field, the amount of resource provided to a R&D project, is a record breaking one for our country.”

Şen concluded by saying that they plan to become one of Turkey’s global brands by the year 2023 and in order for Türksat to have a say amongst world satellite operators, they plan to further develop their capabilities and in regards to this establish programs.

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Hacettepe Teknokent
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016