“Research and Development Cooperation Summit and Exhibition” organized with the theme “Research and Development Collaborations in Future Production Systems” was held in Istanbul Pullman Convention and Exhibition Center between 03-05 May 2017.

Türksat took its place at the exhibition, which plans to pave the way for the establishment of international cooperation in the field of research and development as well innovation. Türksat CEO Cenk Şen exchanged views with various sector representatives at the exhibition and informed them about Türksat’s areas operations.

At the panel titled “Transportation and Digital Technologies and Cooperation Opportunities,” which was moderated by Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transportation Galip Zerey, Türksat CEO Cenk Şen gave a speech.

Speaking at the panel titled "Science and Technology Ecosystem and Research and Development Collaborations within the Framework of Turkey’s Developmental Vision” Undersecretary of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communication Suat Hayri Aka, spoke about the projects related to research and development activities and domestic production carried out by the ministry affiliates.