Public Notification

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In accordance with the statement released by Cem TV titled “Announcement to the Public”, it has become necessary matter to make the following statement, in order to correctly inform the public.

Contracts are signed between our company and the broadcasters to provide capacity and broadcast transmission services over satellites. Generally, contract completion dates are on the last day of the month. Despite the contract ending on 31.03.2019, a contract renewal was not made, causing an end to broadcast transmission. This is a routine procedure is carried out at the end of each month.

Contrary to allegations made by some websites, not only was Cem TV’s broadcast terminated, but also channels whose contracts had not been renewed were also terminated at the same time. Despite the ease provided by our company to the channel Cem TV, a contract has not been renewed, because the channel in question has persistently failed to fulfill its financial obligations. The attempt to tie this issue to a political agenda does not reflect the truth.

We respectfully inform the public.