Türksat sets two more records

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Türksat, with the highest net sales and operating profit according to the previous year, increased its net sales by 31.55% to 1 billion 237.57 million TL.

In 2017, our company’s total liquid assets were valued at 9 percent, while our trade receivables reached 19%.

The ratio of short-term liabilities to total assets was 15% and the ratio of equity to total assets was 82%. Türksat’s ratio of long-term foreign resources to the total assets stood at 3%.

While we have no obligations against financial establishments, our equity reached 2 billion 211.27 million TL.

Net sales increased 31.55%

Having achieved the highest net sales, operating profit, EBITDA and period profit to date, our company increased its net sales 31.55% from 940.78 million TL to 1 billion 237.57 million TL.  

Türksat’s operating profit increased by 126.50% to 163.01 million TL, while the period profit increased by 60.08% to 238.44 million TL.

Last year, net sales in the field of satellite operations increased by 10.11%, as for net sales in cable it increased by 21.13%, the net sales generated from IT operation increased by 115.60%.

Net sales increased by 296.79 million TL, of which 173.8 million TL of it stemmed from information technologies, with the remaining 82.6 million TL from cable operations and 40.4 million TL from satellite operations.

The result of sales according to area of operations, led to an increase in information technologies share of the total income.

Türksat’s EBITDA increased by 37.87% to 392.09 million TL in 2017 compared to the previous year. Türksat’s EBITDA margin was 31.68% last year.