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The VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) system is the general name of satellite ground stations having small scale antennas (0.74 m – 2.4 m). The VSAT is a system providing bidirectional satellite communication between the Central Ground Station (Hub Station) and the points far away geographically from each other. The VSAT system supports many systems such as audio, data, internet, intranet, video conferencing, etc.

In line with the satellite communication demand in parallel to today's communication needs which are growing and diversifying, Türksat offers for its customers the TürksatVSAT system providing services such as audio, data, internet, intranet, e-health (tele-medicine), e-education (tele-education), emergency communication, VPN, and multimedia both individually or bundled.

Türksat provides technical infrastructure services ensuring quick and effective communication between the central and provincial organizations of various ministries and affiliated public institutions through agreements concluded with such institutions. Public institutions communicate safer in exchange for a lower cost by using TürksatVSAT. Institutions with widespread branches and representative offices across the country and abroad are having a strong communication infrastructure by using the facilities provided by a quick, safe, and interactive communication network system with broadband TürksatVSAT services.