ESA is a vision exploring Europe's future in space and the future benefits of satellites for people and developing new strategies by means of mutual projects. ESA, founded in 1975, also conducts the work for developing powerful launchers and new spacecrafts together with aero-space industries, national space agencies, and the satellite operators of the member states. Ariane rockets, developed by ESA, have created a commercial market of space launchers for telecommunication satellites in particular. ESA pioneers researches for earth ozone observation, ice cover, ocean winds, etc. In this context, Meteosat, providing daily meteorological changes in Europe and Africa, has also been developed by ESA.



Eutelsat was founded in 1977 as a government supported organization. Turkey has become a member of this organization, which currently has 50 members, in 1985. Our company has a share in Eutelsat, which has been privatized in 2001.



ITU is an institution, the headquarter of which is Geneva, setting many standards in the field of telecommunications. Its origin goes to International Telegraph Union founded in May 17th, 1865. ITU, one of the most reputable organization of the international communications world, based in Geneva/Switzerland, ensures internationally the development and standardization of communication technologies. The institution, which has more than 650 industry members and more than 20 Academic members among 192 nations, has lower main divisions in the fields of Radio Communications, Telecommunication Technologies Standardization, and Telecommunication Technologies Development.



SEMIC is an organization established to ensure interoperability in data exchange within the frame of e-state applications among EU member or candidate states. Türksat A.Ş., responsible for the e-Government Portal applications in Turkey, collaborates with SEMIC.



The association comprised of the main satellite operators of Europe has been founded in 2002 with the purpose of supporting the communication dissemination mission of satellites. The main objectives of the association are to encourage the initiation of a specific satellite telecommunication program and enhance the value of the role played by satellites in the e-Europe Broadband program started in 1999 to make Europe online on the purpose of contributing to the industry. The association also aims to support actively the R&D funds of satellite service providers and monitor their frequency utilizations on the purpose of improving ground equipments and satellite-based programs.