17 July 2017

Our company, which was attacked on the night of the coup attempt on July 15 and gave two martyrs, organized a memorial ceremony at Türksat for the martyrs of 15 July.

Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communications Ahmet Arslan, Transportation, Maritime and Communications Undersecretary Suat Hayri Aka, Türksat Chairman of the Executive Board Vecdi Gönül, Türksat CEO Cenk Şen, Gölbaşı District Governor Şenol Esmer, Gölbaşı Mayor Fatih Duruay, district protocol, family members of the martyrs and a large number of citizens were among the people who attended the ceremony.

Türksat CEO Şen, gave information to Minister Arslan and accompanying figures about the places where they would have the opening ceremonies in memory of 15 July Türksat martyrs. After opening the 15 July Martyrs' Grove first, Minister Arslan and accompanying figures later opened the monument commemorating Türksat martyrs Ahmet Özsoy and Ali Karslı. Minister Arslan gave the Turkish flag located on the monument to Bedirhan Karslı, the son of the martyr Ali Karslı.

Minister Arslan and accompanying figures visited the area where photos of the attacks made on Türksat during the night of the 15 July coup attempt were on display, they later visited the building-now-museum, which was bombed by coup plotters in order to cut television broadcasts on the night of 15 July

Minister Arslan stated that during the coup attempt the Turkish nation stood up against tanks, rifles, helicopters, he prayed that all the martyrs be granted a place in heaven.  

When taking into account the importance of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım announcement reaching the citizens properly and the citizens being informed correctly, it makes it clear to understand the efforts put forth by Ahmet Özsoy and Ali Karslı and our veterans.

“That night’s broadcasts had to reach 80 million properly. The traitors knew how important it was to not have access to this information. Because they knew this, they chose many targets particularly Türksat, along with cutting off internet and telephone connections. However, the traitors did not take into account that our friends knew the sacredness of their duty and that they were willing to reach martyrdom.”

Minister Arslan thanked all the personnel who displayed extraordinary effort in order to stop “coup announcement” made through TRT and for relaying the correct information to citizens on the night of 15 July.

Arslan stated that by carrying the nation in a stronger manner for the future generation they would be able to pay back the martyrs and for this reason they have not stopped working for the last year in order not to forget, to have it forgotten, to pay gratitude to the martyrs. Arslan noted that during this period in spite of the traitors the transportation, maritime and communication family realized several of projects such as the Yavuz Sultan Bridge, Eurasia Tunnel and High Speed Train Station.

Türksat Chairman of the Executive Board Vecdi Gönül said that one of the most important targets of the 15 July takeover was Türksat.

Gönül stated that Türksat personnel did not allow for this takeover, during which Ahmet Özsoy and Ali Karslı became martyrs, he said that the broadcast were not interrupted and the messages of the leaders were delivered to the public.

Gönül noted that contributing to Turkey's 2023 targets as an institution has become one of the most important debt of gratitude for the martyrs from henceforth.

After the speeches, a plaque commemorating the day was presented to the families of the martyrs. Gönül presented a commemorative stamp prepared by the PTT to Minister Arslan in memory of Türksat martyrs.

Arslan visited Türksat campus before the ceremony and received information on the events that took place on 15 July as well the destruction that resulted from it.