Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister, Ahmet Arslan’s Ramadan Message

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Dear Citizens,

Dear Colleagues,

As we leave the mercy, compassion and blessings filled holy month of Ramadan behind, we find ourselves as a nation embraced with love, reunited together once again on this holiday.

On this occasion, I celebrate your Ramadan holiday with the most heartfelt wishes; I wish that this blessed holiday brings us closer to each other than ever, and strengthens our brotherhood and friendship.

The holidays are a perfect occasion, a unique opportunity for peace, love, friendship, brotherhood, unity and togetherness.

I pray to Allah that this holiday be a remedy for the wounds of our brothers and sisters who have to live in tears, pain, despair, especially our neighbors and the people of the geography of Islam.  

On this occasion, I ask our dear citizens be more careful and more sensitive to traffic regulations during the holiday, and not to drive sleepless, tired or under the influence of alcohol.

With these feelings, I celebrate the Ramadan holiday of all our citizens in and out of the country, as well as the entire Islamic world, with my upmost heartwarming feelings.