16 April 2019

In 2018, with the aim of developing frequency monitoring capacity and geographic redundancy with the growing satellite fleet of Türksat, it completed the installation of the observation station in Germany, in addition to its stations in Ankara and Istanbul. The company has started operations to establish a station in Afghanistan.

Control and follow-up operations are carried out on a 24/7 basis in order to determine the broadcast parameters of all carriers planned to be transmitted over satellite capacities operated by Türksat and to provide continuous broadcasting of the carries within the defined parameters.

In order for the uplink stations to broadcast through Türksat satellites it must meet technical specifications. Necessary antenna tests take place and later a certificate is provided.

In order to improve the quality of satellite frequency monitoring activities, regular operations regarding the modification and maintenance of antennas and subsystems are carried out.

In this context, infrastructure expansion operations are well underway in order to realize the frequency observation activities of Türksat 5A, Türksat 5B and Türksat 6A satellites, which are expected to join the satellite fleet in the next three years.

The satellite power and service quality of Türksat communication satellites are measured by these stations in the corresponding geographies. In addition, possible negative effects of neighboring satellites are analyzed and eliminated and the frequency rights of our country are protected.

Small antennas were also included in the measuring systems. Spectrum tracking and broadcast quality measurements were made by taking end users as reference. The software used for these quality measurements were developed within Türksat.