Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Ahmet Arslan’s Congratulatory Holiday Message

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Dear Citizens

Once again as citizens we are realizing the importance of a holiday where reconciliation takes place, hearts are mended and distances between each other become nonexistent.

I pray to God Almighty that this holy holiday bring peace and happiness to our nation, to the Islamic World and to all of humanity.

May the roads be accident free on this joyful day, may your loved ones never receive bad news.

May your holiday be a festive one.


Dear Citizens,

On this land where many civilizations have come and gone, after the 12th century our ancestors brought about a civilization where love, patriotism, conscience and loyalty intertwined to become a concrete embodiment of freedom and justice.

One of the most important principles that this civilization has imposed on those who govern was the idea “Let the people of the nation prosper so that the state can strive.”

Its because of this, even on our most darkest days we as a nation did not compromise our freedom and dignity against individuals who wanted to displace the people of this nation, traitors who were causing disturbance within. On the night of July 15 as a nation we stood up against the treacherous coup attempts made by those who opposed the existence of the nation, its democracy, and the will of its people.

An with this notion in mind, the priority of the people, the values upheld by the people of this nation and the power that comes from the responsibilities bestowed on us by the people, the only thing on our minds and our agendas is to serve our nation without resting.

With sincerity I celebrate the people of this nation’s religious holiday, I pray that God Almighty bless us with many more holidays in which we come together in peace and harmony.  



Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication