Türksat CEO, Şen Speaks at the IT Professionals Seminar

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The IT Professionals Seminar, which brought together professionals working in the field of information technology, took place in Antalya between 22-25 December with the theme "Software Ecosystem:  Opportunities and Solutions."

The 11th seminar of its kind was organized by SEMOR Organization this year and brought together the most effective institutions and organizations of the IT sector.

During his speech at the seminar Türksat CEO, Cenk Şen stated that beyond organic growth they preferred growing as a system.

Şen pointed out that the IT sector in Turkey is not based on the product but on the basis of the project. Şen noted that this kills the ecosystem and thus leaves no opportunity for new and interactive solutions.

"We have to fulfill our responsibility of keeping the present ecosystem alive" said Şen, "What is important in terms of the cake put forth with the ecosystem is not the size of the slice but rather making the cake bigger.” As Türksat, we are increasing the level of investment in transformations that will create markets in the public sector ecosystem and we are accelerating our efforts by sharing the opportunities that will create new markets with the companies in our own system."

Following the opening speeches, Türksat Software Development Director, Ahmet Savaş and Türksat Geographic Information Technologies Director, Serdar Küpçü made presentations each.