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The objective of CEES is to design a methodology for developing citizen-oriented e-Government services producing results such as managerial evaluation and clustering user satisfaction profiles.

Stage: The project has been completed in March 2013.

Result: Citizen satisfaction specific to selected e-Government services was measured, efforts of creating Citizen Satisfaction Index included in the Information Society Strategy were supported, comparisons to e-government services in England and Lebanon were conducted, and progress was made to user segmentation.

UBIPOL is a new project providing the contribution of citizens to policy-making processes of local administrations through mobile devices. In addition, the project provided opportunity to public employees to conduct data mining and vote analyses.

Stage: The project has been completed in March 2013.

Result: The application developed has been brought into the use of national and international institutions demanding it in open source form. New projects developed by using the project's outputs and aimed at developing it with other services and applications are being proposed.

The STORK initiatives enable international verification services and access on a European scale.

Stage’s-academy Live pilot application has been started. e-health Pilot is continuing.

Result: Health and Academy services have been developed and integrated to the e-Government Portal. It is expected that these systems will be integrated to STORK in the future and foreign users will also use the identity verification system of the e-Government Portal within the scope of these services developed as well as new ones.

GEN6 project is supporting institutions in transforming their electronic services into IPV6, while it contains significant applications for researches on academic learning and smart government and for data science.

Stage: The project has been completed.

Result: The IPv6 transitions of all public institutions and organizations have been schedules and the basis of planned transitions have been formed. The e-Government Portal has passed to IPv6.

EMYNOS is a pilot/field project based on appropriate scenarios to develop an integrated and high-technology system capable of transferring the communication and information related to emergencies that may arise in daily life or in unexpected and extreme conditions from those required assistance or supportive services (including but not limited to the disadvantaged groups such as disabled and elders as well) to those who provide such supportive services (and intermediaries) (such as emergency help centers or call centers).

Stage: Türksat is the leader of work package related to pilot/field work in this project. A fund of 300 thousand Euro has been allocated to us in accordance with the EU financing rules.

Result: The project, which is predicted to be completed in 30 months, has not been started, yet. The agreement between the partners and EU t is at the stage of signing.