Providing services for voice, data, internet, TV, and radio broadcasting through the satellites across a wide area extending from Europe to Asia, Türksat is able to provide flexible solutions aimed at customers' needs in regions where no terrestrial infrastructure is available. Bringing different languages and cultures together by means of its global solutions in satellite communications, Türksat also provides cable broadcasting services as well for its domestic subscribers through its existing cable infrastructure.

The uplink/downlink services for the TV-Radio broadcasts of Türksat A.Ş. are provided through Türksat satellites in particular as well as the satellites of other operators based on a concept of rendering qualified and uninterrupted services complying with today's standards in required periods of time.

Transmission of the broadcasts of TRT Türk, Al Jazeera TV, Al Jazeera International TV, Cable TV Platform Broadcast, Police Radio, and the Voice of Turkey Radio to the satellite is being performed by Türksat A.Ş.

Guidelines for Applicants
TV Frequency List
Online Application

In addition to the following information, for your satellite uplink application, you need to submit to us the amount of capacity you request (...Mbps) and the brief information regarding your broadcast.

  1. Authorized signatures list
  2. Chamber of Commerce Registration Certificate
  3. Satellite Broadcast License Certificate
  4. Official name of company
  5. Name, surname and title of authorized signatory
  6. Name and surname of technical representative
  7. Tel, Fax
  8. Address

After filling out the Online Application form, send the necessary documents to Your broadcast request will be evaluated.

Frequency informations are available at the Türksat Frequency List page