Türksat provides all kinds of national and international temporary broadcast transmission services over its broadcast transmission infrastructure through satellites.


As the earth is divided into three ocean regions in terms of satellite communication, Turkey is in the middle of two of these regions (Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean) due its location, while it is included in the coverage ranges of the satellites in both regions. Therefore, our stations are capable of using a large part of the satellites belonging to other satellite operators. When a need for temporary broadcast, which is generally overseas, temporary broadcast services are provided in line with overseas and domestic demand.

By means of the existing wide antennas and uplink stations in our campus, the broadcasts on the satellites of other satellite operators are received and transmitted to other satellites or delivered to user institutions through terrestrial infrastructures. These lines can be fiber optic or a second satellite uplink chain.

Guidelines for Applicants
  1. Authorized signatures list
  2. Chamber of Commerce Registration Certificate
  3. Satellite Broadcast License Certificate
  4. Official name of company
  5. Name, surname and title of authorized signatory
  6. Name and surname of technical representative
  7. Tel, Fax
  8. Address



After filling out the Online Application form, send the necessary documents to sales@turksat.com.tr. Your broadcast request will be evaluated.