28 July 2016

On July 15, 2016 as both Turkey and Türksat we came face to face with an attempted coup which was repelled with our President’s leadership, our Prime Minister’s determined stance and our nation’s foresightedness; we also now better understand the importance of the mutual attitude which the public developed against the organizers of this heinous act.

In line with our nation’s decisiveness and foresightedness, on that dark night the resistance that was put forth by our company personnel against the traitor terrorists will be remembered, the memory of our colleagues who during the resistance became martyrs or sustained injuries will be carried as medals of honor, we believe will make up the foundation of our corporate culture, and will set an example for the future generation.

We respectively express our gratitude to our Prime Minister, Binali Yıldırım and our Minster of Transport, Maritime Transport and Communication, Ahmet Arslan, who after the atrocious attacks visited Türksat to closely deal with the problems that had been experienced.

We express our deep gratitude to particularly Türksat’s martyrs and veterans, to all the martyrs and heroic veterans and to the great Turkish Nation.

As Türksat, there were no setbacks in any of the services we offer to our citizens, and from here on we hereby respectfully inform the public that we will continue to work selflessly and ambitiously for our cherished nation and country.