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Türksat Uydu Haberleşme Kablo TV ve İşletme A.Ş. (Türksat Company) is one of the world's leading companies providing all sorts of satellite communications through satellites. Domains of Türksat can be categorized under three main headings.

Türksat A.Ş. was founded in 2004 to possess the rights, management and operation authority of satellite orbit positions under the national sovereignty and fulfill the obligations related thereto, take into operation the satellites registered in its own name and belonged to other operators or have such satellites taken into operation, establish and operate communication systems through national satellites as well as satellites of foreign operators, and engage in commercial activities.

Moreover, the company is authorized to develop a national satellite program and raise human resources.

All control and observation activities on Türksat satellites are conducted in the Central Campus in Gölbaşı.

The main and backup ground control stations located in two different spots in Ankara ensure that the satellites remain on their orbits in an uninterrupted and safe way by means of back-up antennas, electronic devices, data processing systems, and other infrastructure equipment. In order to maintain Türksat satellites in a perfect configuration, all observation and control procedures are conducted from these stations.

Each location is equipped with full redundant Satellite Control Center, Observation and Control System, Communication Observation System, BB/RF Systems, Encoding Center, Uninterrupted Energy Systems, and the relevant subsystems. Furthermore, two satellite simulators, each of which is one ground control stations, are used for training operators and trying and confirming the procedures to be applied on satellites.

The Main Ground Control Station, which is included in the "World Tracking Network", is able to support the phases of launching and orbiting Türksat satellites as well as other satellites.

The VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) system is the general name of satellite ground stations having small scale antennas (0.74 m – 2.4 m). The VSAT is a system providing bidirectional satellite communication between the Central Ground Station (Hub Station) and the points far away geographically from each other. The VSAT system supports many systems such as audio, data, internet, intranet, video conferencing, etc.

In line with the satellite communication demand in parallel to today's communication needs which are growing and diversifying, Türksat offers for its customers the TürksatVSAT system providing services such as audio, data, internet, intranet, e-health (tele-medicine), e-education (tele-education), emergency communication, VPN, and multimedia both individually or bundled.

Türksat provides technical infrastructure services ensuring quick and effective communication between the central and provincial organizations of various ministries and affiliated public institutions through agreements concluded with such institutions. Public institutions communicate safer in exchange for a lower cost by using TürksatVSAT. Institutions with widespread branches and representative offices across the country and abroad are having a strong communication infrastructure by using the facilities provided by a quick, safe, and interactive communication network system with broadband TürksatVSAT services.