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Information on Türksat 2A Satellite

Türksat 2A satellite was launched on January 10th, 2001, by an Ariane 4 rocket to be put into orbit. The services, which were commissioned in February 2001, are successfully continuing. Türksat 2A satellite, providing service within a wide coverage with an EIRP (satellite's power on radiation on ground) over 50 dBW at the same position with Türksat 3A at 42 degrees East longitude, provides a high-quality satellite broadcasting service by its technical performance to a very wide area across Europe and Central Asia where Turkish communities live. The region from Western Europe to Central Asia, including the Middle East and Russia, where a population more than 100 million speaking Turkish is reached by small dish antennas with 50-60 cm radius through Türksat 2A.


Alcatel Alenia Space Industries


SpaceBus 3000B3

Stabilization Type

3 Axial Control

Date of Service Commencement


Wing Span


Orbital Location

42° Eastern Longitude

Ku Band Payload General Characteristics

Uplink Coverage Areas
East, West
Steerable S1 and S2

Downlink Coverage Areas
East, West
Steerable S1 and S2

No of Transponders
Total Band Width
1092 MHz

Platform Technical Specs

Nominal Launching Weight
3400 Kg.
Maximum Power To Be Consumed
4100 Watt


Information on Türksat 3A Satellite

The manufacturing process of Türksat 3A satellite was started on February 10th, 2006, based on the agreement with Alcatel Company. The satellite was launched from the Kourou Guiana Space Center located in French Guiana on June 13th, 2008, at 01:05 by means of Araine 5 rocket. Türksat 3A satellite, serving at the 42.0° East location, has been equipped with 24 Ku-band 120-Watt transponders.

Compared to other satellite of us, Türksat 3A satellite has an higher utilization capacity which is 1296 Mhz. It is used for both satellite communication services and direct TV broadcasts via Europe, Turkey, and Central Asia. The Turkey coverage having the advantage of high receive power of Türksat 3A satellite is being used for TV broadcasts establishing uplinks from Turkey, broadband data services, VSAT and narrowband data services. Thus, the users providing services through satellite by means of small-scale and cost-effective uplink systems have been provided with great convenience.

Turksat 3A satellite info

Türksat 4A Coverage Ranges

The contract for supply of the satellites, TURKSAT-4A and TURKSAT-4B was signed with Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO) on March 2011. TURKSAT 4A communication satellite has a bandwidth of 1750 MHz and operates on 42° Eastern Longitude. The satellite with launching weight 4910 kg includes Turkey, North Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia in its coverage area on Ku Band BSS; Africa on Ku Band FSS; Turkey and Germany on Ka Band.

Turksat 4A satellite info

A contract has been concluded with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO) company of Japan on March 7th, 2011 for the procurement of TÜRKSAT-4A and TÜRKSAT-4B satellites.

Turksat 4B satellite info