29 Nisan 2024

In his speech at the opening ceremony of the International Space Technologies Conference STC 2024, Türksat General Manager Hasan Hüseyin Ertok explained that Türksat is using its more than 30 years of experience in satellite technology to pioneer a national satellite-space ecosystem in line with its vision of the "Turkish Century", and said: "We will launch our Türksat 6A satellite in July. With the project, many components as well as subsystems were produced domestically together with stakeholders."

The International Space Technologies Conference (STC 2024) started in Ankara, hosted by the Turkish Space Agency (TUA). Speaking at the opening ceremony, Türksat General Manager Hasan Hüseyin Ertok said that Türksat is an institution that works to transform information into technology and technology into economic and social benefits. Ertok said that they are working to eliminate Turkey's foreign dependency in the field of satellite and information technologies and added: "Today, many technologies such as telecommunications, national security, health, agriculture and challenging the digital divide rely heavily on satellite connectivity and space research for sustainable development. Ignoring this fact will lead to a loss of great potential in this field.  Keeping pace with emerging technology requires great patience, hard work and potentially significant economic resources.  The large crowd and intense interest we have experienced here today proves the accuracy of this awareness and places an important responsibility on the leaders of our organisations to realise this potential with a broad vision." Ertok also touched upon the services provided via satellite. Ertok explained that aircraft and ships receive internet and communication services via satellites, and that communication services are also provided via satellites in health, agriculture and national security situations.

5 Active Satellites In 3 Orbits

Explaining that Türksat carries out its satellite services through the frequency rights registered at 31 degrees, 42 degrees and 50 degrees East orbits, Ertok said that they operate with 5 active satellites in 3 orbits. Ertok said, "With our satellite fleet, we serve all communication satellite connection and satellite broadcasting requirements in a wide area covering Europe, MENA, Asia and Africa. In line with our President's vision of 'Turkey's Century', we are using our more than 30 years of experience and heritage in satellite technology to pioneer a national satellite-space ecosystem." Stating that the number of active satellites will increase to six with the launch of Türksat 6A in the near future, Ertok said that this situation also shows the power of Türksat and Turkey. Ertok stated that the project in question is of great importance for Turkey's future in space, and that many components as well as subsystems were produced domestically together with stakeholders. Stating that 6 A will be launched in July, Ertok said that they will be very happy to share their experiences with the Turkish republics and neighbouring countries.

8 Thousand Public Services Are Accessed Through E-Government Portal

General Manager Ertok said that Türksat provides cable and broadcasting services to approximately 5.2 million households and added: "In addition to Cable TV and High Speed Internet services, Türksat also offers e-government and IT services." Ertok stated that through the e-Government Gateway developed and operated by Türksat, Turkey has become one of the fastest developing countries in the field of informatics, and emphasised that with the e-Government Gateway, which has reached over 65 million registered users today, citizens can access 8 thousand public services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Ertok also stated that Türksat provides these services in rural areas where communication infrastructure cannot be provided, and for this purpose, mobile coverage was provided to over a thousand villages in need of Mobile Communication Service.